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Development Process :: We don't design website, We design your dearms...

Our process of custom web design & web application development project is very simple and straight forward to understand...

Website Development Process uttara dhaka Bangladesh

  • Step 1 - The Client provides us their requirements of the website or web application. If they do not have any documentation, we help them prepare it.

  • Step 2 - Our Business Analysts comprehend the most useful information from the available requirements and present it in a more formal Project Action Plan with detailed description of all possibile modules and tasks of the development project.

  • Step 3 - We get Client's approval on the specifications.

  • Step 4 - Requirement specifications are then discussed with the Project Managers and development Team Leads to estimate the development time and cost.

  • Step 5 - A comprehensive quote with the development contract is sent to the client. This is followed by web meetings to discuss and negotiate the scope of the project, finalize the development, maintenance and marketing costs and seal the deal.

  • Step 6 - Advance milestone payments are made by the client.

  • Step 7 - Development Begins. We follow a weekly deployment cycle. The client gets regular and timely updates from our Project Manager, who is available to assist the client at priority - including on holidays.

  • Step 8 - Alpha and Beta releases are shown to the client during the development phase. Each release is followed by a milestone payment commitment from the client.

  • Step 9 - Once all the tasks are finished according to the Project Action Plan, thorough load and regression tests are performed and the code is transferred to client's host against the remainder of funds. The client may then conduct independent user acceptance tests. We provide free support on bugs for three weeks after deployment.

  • Step 10 - Reviews/Testimonials are exchanged with the client and the project is signed off.

Our Developmental process benefits a large section of clients. Our process explains the benefit of...

  • New Products to existing customers
  • Existing Products to new customers or
  • New Products to new customers

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