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Outsourcing Services from Bangladesh

Why outsource to Bangladesh...?

Bangladesh is one of the Asia’s most attractive IT outsourcing destinations after India - particularly for clients in the USA and other Anglophone countries. Bangladesh offers significant cost advantages for IT outsourcing - both in terms of worker-wages as well as cost of infrastructure. Now Bangladesh is fast becoming the next big destination in outsourcing.

Outsourcing Services Bangladesh

With 50,000 of young IT skilled workforce conversant in English in this industry.

Salaries of programmers in Bangladesh are less than India, Philippines, Vietnam and Eastern European countries.

Charges for Internet bandwidth in Bangladesh is currently the lowest in South Asia (50% of that in India).

Rent for office space in Dhaka (Capital) is below 20% of that in Delhi and 40% of Manila.

Main outsourcing destination: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, India, United Arab Emirates.

Software & IT service have been declared by the Government as a `High Priority’ export sector.

All software and IT Services companies including those having foreign ownerships have been exempted from Income tax until June 2015.

Special Govt. sponsored long-term equity fund and short term working capital financing are offered to IT companies.

Since 1996, Government has been allowing zero/low tariff for computers and capital goods required for software industry.

Special Hi-Tech Park and Software Technology Parks (STP) are being built by the government. Two have been built at Dhaka city and some other major divisional cities of the country to facilitate all the infrastructural supports needed by outsourcing companies. Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has been formed to make the Hi-Tech park operational. Already two STPs at Dhaka city have been made operational.

UNITECH BD SOFTWARE as your Outsourcing Partner...

IT Outsourcing Services Bangladesh

Unitech BD Software is a IT Outsourcing company from Bangladesh since 2009. UNITECH BD SOFTWARE is a Proprietorship Firm in Bangladesh.

We specialize in the outsourcing of Business Processes that create value for our clients. Utilizing differences in the time zones across the globe, we have developed an effective project management methodology that enables them to run their business processes round the clock. We help our clients optimize business processes enhancing agility and flexibility of their operations at substantially lower cost structures.

We believe we are the trend setters for proper development process, company culture and management required for the unique needs of outsourcing to offshore destination. This has been acknowledged by the industry with awards and informal communication putting us a one of the leaders in this sector.